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The Wellington is one of the oldest Coaching Inns in Cornwall, dating back to the 17th Century. After changing its name from The Bos Castle Hotel to The Wellington Hotel in 1852, the hotel became known as the Scott’s Wellington Hotel after the owners at the time. It has since reverted to The Wellington Hotel.

The Wellington is all about people – the guests, the staff, the local villagers, the suppliers, the tradesmen and the owners. Over the hotel’s long history, there have been many people that have filled these roles and passed through its doors. Yet the hotel itself remains the same as it has always been – a steadfast, calm and relaxing haven immune to the toils of the outside world.

Over 150 years after changing its name to the Scott’s Wellington Hotel, the hotel has returned to the ownership of the Scott family. Jonathan and Lesley Scott, who are yet to discover any direct family connection with the original owners, acquired the hotel in early 2011.

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