The Water Mill

The Mill Apartments

The Old Mill is believed to date from the mid 19th century and to have replaced a 17th century structure on or near the present site. The building has slate stonewalls and one of its original waterwheels is still in situ. Originally, the Mill had two “overshot” waterwheels; one on the north side of the building and one on the south side. It ground the corn for the Bos Castle Estate.

Around the early 20th Century, the Mill was no longer in use for milling. It became a tea room and, over the years, had a number of local craft stores.

In 2013, The Mill returned to the ownership of the Wellington Hotel. Due to the deteriorating condition of the building and a long period of neglect, many of the local craft and artisan tenants had left and the building was falling into dis-repair. It required significant attention and, with the help of many local architects, surveyors, builders and tradesmen, the Old Mill has now been re-born. It took two years to complete and many of the old floors and slate have been re-used to retain as much of the history of the building as possible.

The building now contains 2 shops, 3 apartments and a meeting room. It is fantastic to see such a prominent building in the village come back to life.

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